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4 Sep 2007 // 7:39 AM

In decades of filmmaking, only occasionally had directors gone back to “fix” or restore films that they felt had been compromised by technical or time

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16 Aug 2007 // 3:04 AM

Forty years after its original airing on ABC, the finale of “The Fugitive” remains the third highest-rated single episode of any network prime-time series in

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15 Aug 2007 // 2:58 AM

Sam Fuller’s first 3 films get a box treatment

If any director can be said to be underrated and overrated, it just might be Sam Fuller, a World War II Army veteran and journalist

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15 Aug 2007 // 2:52 AM

Throw in a dead body or two, a half-dozen suspects and an exotic locale and you’ve got the ingredients of another entertaining Charlie Chan

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8 Aug 2007 // 3:11 AM

Maybe you can’t judge a book by its cover, but the gimmicky packaging of these new DVDs at least represents the content. “Lights! Camera!

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10 Jul 2007 // 6:03 AM

Until 1981, when Lawrence Kasdan revived the style with “Body Heat,” film noir was something sought out and discussed primarily by pale-faced film students who might

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25 May 2007 // 3:26 AM

Two DVDs out this month showcase just what it means to search for and celebrate one’s ancestors. In the documentary `Finding Oprah’s Roots:

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