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28 Mar 2008 // 4:55 AM

Political coverage is speculative, partisan, often uninformed and uninformative. The Pennsylvania of political pundits on TV seems to exist almost entirely of 55-year-old white male

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7 Mar 2008 // 5:45 AM

Presidential race plays as must-see TV

I’m not sure exactly why many TV news people seem so eager to usher Hillary Clinton offstage this election year. An early decision on

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3 Mar 2008 // 2:14 AM

NEW DELHI—India has a long history of being led by political dynasties, and like the United States still battles sexism and racism. So for

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25 Feb 2008 // 4:00 AM

Hot bursts of light flashed across the Edward Jones Dome as Sen. Barack Obama walked the stage. Hundreds snapped pictures; others shot video from cell

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WASHINGTON - Barack Obama’s ascendancy comes with a popular affirmation: “Yes, we can.” Maybe it should be “Yes, we click,” as his presidential campaign

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14 Feb 2008 // 5:02 AM

Young voters give politics an extreme makeover

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—Young voters are on a roll this election season. They rolled right through Super Tuesday in record-breaking numbers and are poised for

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28 Jan 2008 // 1:22 AM

Journey, ABBA among campaign favorites

MIAMI - John McCain has a soft spot for Swedish disco icon ABBA. Mitt Romney likes to crank up Journey. And Rudy Giuliani favors the

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17 Jan 2008 // 1:49 AM

It’s not that we don’t care. We just know that the fight ain’t fair. So we keep waiting, Waiting on the world

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16 Jan 2008 // 1:23 AM

Young people have always been more hip to technology and the Internet than their parents - and usually more politically out of it. But with

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14 Jan 2008 // 12:51 AM

WASHINGTON—When Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto was assassinated last month, it drove home a point that needed little reinforcing - the world has rarely been

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11 Jan 2008 // 1:38 AM

CHICAGO—Word trickles out from a campaign that a “major endorsement” is expected. Then the name of the endorser is breathlessly leaked. Finally the endorser

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7 Jan 2008 // 10:00 PM

Mike Huckabee’s Family Guy Values

The bass-playing presidential hopeful from Arkansas loves pop culture and Chuck Norris. Has Huckabee made irony the stalking horse for social conservatism?

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9 Dec 2007 // 2:08 AM

Oprah packs the house for Obama, but can she deliver the votes?

DES MOINES, Iowa—Television star Oprah Winfrey, an influential voice in American popular culture and one of the most successful blacks in the world, urged

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3 Dec 2007 // 1:23 AM

GRUNDY CENTER, Iowa—For many Democrats, the 1990s, when Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton were in the White House, were the good old days. The

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa—Sen. Hillary Clinton questioned the courage and character of her chief opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, Sunday in the wake of a new

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31 Oct 2007 // 2:26 AM

Opponents criticize Clinton on foreign policy

PHILADELPHIA - Early and often, on Iraq, Iran and electability, Hillary Rodham Clinton was sharply criticized by her rivals during a Democratic presidential debate last

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22 Oct 2007 // 1:00 AM

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo.—Steve Valdez, a retired high school history teacher, is keeping an eye on the presidential campaign and wondering about Sen. Hillary Clinton’

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4 Oct 2007 // 10:38 PM

Kucinich working to change minds

CHICAGO—On the eve of another grim anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, members of Congress voted on a symbolic resolution to establish an official

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2 Oct 2007 // 4:07 AM

WASHINGTON—For the cost of a one-page ad in the Sept. 10 New York Times, the liberal group bought itself a minor media frenzy.

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13 Sep 2007 // 4:28 AM

WASHINGTON - The hunt for cash, political cachet and votes is taking some of the 2008 presidential campaigns far from their usual cross-country tours to cross

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