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Monday, February 28 2011

Moving Pixels Podcast: It’s Very Dead… in Space

With hands covering eyes (though with fingers slightly parted), the Moving Pixels podcast travels down hallways painted in blood and visecra, in order to consider the beauty and grotesqueness of Dead Space and Dead Space 2.

Monday, February 21 2011

Moving Pixels Podcast: Things to Do in Space When You’re Dead

More than just a video game, Electronic Arts has given Dead Space the full transmedia treatment, shipping movies, comics, and spin off titles with the same grisly themes.

Wednesday, February 9 2011

Isaac Clarke: Intergalactic Handyman

Dead Space is a game that finds heroism in doing real work.

Thursday, June 4 2009

Nintendo’s Niceness Problem

Nintendo might do well to remember that we, as gamers, crave a challenge every once in a while.

Thursday, April 16 2009

The Godfather II

The Godfather's familiar emblem,the hand that holds the puppet strings, signals the clearest interests of what the films and this game attempt to explore: how individuals seek and attain power through manipulation and control albeit largely at the distance afforded the puppeteer, not the puppet.

Thursday, March 12 2009

Lord of the Rings: Conquest

Lord of the Rings: Conquest feels in so many ways like a poorly-thought out genre exercise in service of a fantastic license.

Tuesday, March 10 2009

Skate 2

Taking advantage of all Skate 2 has to offer requires constant attention, a high degree of skill, and an amazing amount of patience.

Thursday, February 26 2009


This simulation of animal behavior may further the Sim-franchise's interests in simulating human behavior.

Tuesday, January 20 2009

Need for Speed Undercover

Does Need for Speed Undercover have a place in the racing game fan's library?

Tuesday, January 13 2009

Skate It

Skate It stands as one of most realistic skateboarding games ever made while maintaining the playability and casual attitude of its predecessors.

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