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New series premieres Wednesday: ‘Modern Family,’ ‘Mercy,’ ‘Eastwick’

Halloween may still be six weeks off, but don’t be surprised if you hear an eerie wail from the ghosts of Ozzie and Harriet

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An IV for TV: For fall medical shows, death panels wouldn’t be such a bad thing

Somebody call 911. We’ve got a medical emergency. Three of them, actually. Medical shows are breaking out all over this fall TV season, and it’

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16 Sep 2009 // 8:35 AM

THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE: TBL 9-10 p.m. EDT Wednesday The CW It has been almost two decades since poor, benighted Linda Evangelista, mortally wounded by

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1 Sep 2009 // 7:17 AM

New and notable this fall TV season

What’s new, day by day: Breaking down the premiering shows — and some old favorites on the move. MONDAY “The Jay Leno Show” airs at 10

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First look at fall pilots: Familiar faces, old formulas, and a few hits

The nation’s television critics have spent a generation — or two, if you count the DVD and VCR as representing separate epochs — watching pilots, those

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26 May 2009 // 10:03 AM

CBS offered humor from Neil Patrick Harris and a song by LL Cool J. Fox brought in the kids from “Glee.” NBC staged a stand-up

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21 May 2009 // 3:21 AM

CBS took an “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” approach to putting together its 2009-2010 television schedule. Because of the ratings success

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20 May 2009 // 4:18 AM

ABC and NBC took opposite approaches to filling their 2009-2010 schedules, which launch in September. ABC announced Tuesday it will add 11 new programs to its

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19 May 2009 // 9:00 AM

CHICAGO — Fox Broadcasting said Monday that it will add six new shows to its primetime schedule in the coming season — four comedies and two dramas —

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19 May 2009 // 2:29 AM

House There were few surprises in the announcement of the Fox 2009-2010 schedule made Monday: Big ratings draws like “Bones,” “24,” “House,” “American Idol” and “The

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20 Nov 2008 // 5:17 AM

Fall TV isn’t fiery, but it has hot spots

What kind of TV season is it so far? “A no-fun fall,” USA Today ruled. “A season of disappointments,” The New York Times headlined. But

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‘My Own Worst Enemy’ isn’t the fall season’s worst new series

This season’s most heavily-promoted show - thank you, NBC Olympics - is “My Own Worst Enemy,” which could also describes NBC’s programming department.

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19 Sep 2008 // 8:23 AM

Time to fall for TV — again?

For years, Jacqueline Piona carried on a passionate love-affair with television, her heart steadfast and true But then came the messy breakup. Shortly after TV’

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17 Sep 2008 // 4:28 AM

Sept. 21 CW: “In Harm’s Way,” “Valentine,” “Easy Money” Sept. 22 NBC: “Heroes” CBS: “The Big Bang Theory,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Two and a

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17 Sep 2008 // 4:15 AM

Many new shows this season are still a mystery

What an awesome TV season this will be. Maybe. Or not. On paper, some new shows are intriguing. But the writers’ strike that disrupted television

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9 Sep 2008 // 4:44 AM

A brief look at what TV viewers will be look at

Here’s a look at 23 new network and cable shows coming this fall. The Rickster Scale ratings - 1-to-4-stars - go only to shows

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3 Sep 2008 // 3:40 AM

Changes in store for returning shows

Several freshman shows from last season are being remodeled and relaunched this fall, and some long-serving veterans are getting a tuneup as well. Here’s

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3 Sep 2008 // 3:32 AM

New shows coming to a small screen near you

Below is a night-by-night breakdown of new network shows and notable new cable programs for September. I haven’t seen every show on this list;

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2 Sep 2008 // 5:35 AM

Fall TV preview: Why broadcast networks deserve another look

Weird. That’s the only word to describe the fall TV season, which is the biggest casualty of the 100-day writers strike. TV executives often

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26 Aug 2008 // 4:04 AM

Networks get jump on fall TV

With the Olympics finished, a lot of people will be feeling flush with free time. Or at least free TV time, and now is when

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