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Wednesday, September 3 2014

With an Extra 20 Minutes, ‘The Grand Duel’ Could Have Grasped Greatness

Watching The Grand Duel, it's easy to see why Quentin Tarantino picked it as one of his Top 15 spaghetti westerns.

Wednesday, April 24 2013

Why Rob Zombie Is the Quentin Tarantino of Horror

The rocker turned filmmaker is just as genuine, and just as good, as his Oscar winning counterpart and for many of the same cinematic reasons.

Tuesday, November 20 2012

The Top Ten Quentin Tarantino Bad-Asses

No, they're not who you think they are. Here's our selections for the 10 forgotten figments of cool in Tarantino's amazing oeuvre.

Wednesday, October 19 2011

‘Jackie Brown’: Is a Love Story, a Heist Film, an Offbeat Crime Story Set to a Great Soundtrack

The intriguing combination of Elmore Leonard's voice with Tarantino's unique dialogue leads to his best film.

Tuesday, August 30 2011

...And the Men Are All the Same

Remember Tina Turner? In Pherone, creator Viktor Kalvachev delivers a tale every bit as powerful and evocative as Tina's eclipsing of the abusive Ike Turner.

Sunday, August 28 2011

The 100 Essential Directors Part 9: Victor Sjöström to Luchino Visconti

Today we present a glorious spate of international auteurs that range from cinematic innovators from the silent era to those who continue to push the limits of film in their contemporary work.

Tuesday, August 9 2011

Quentin Tarantino’s Cinematic Reality

Quentin Tarantino is reliving his childhood cinema experiences, reinterpreting fractured moments of memory. Going to the movies is about an escape from our world, a mirror world at once familiar yet different.

The Noir Clichés and Conventions in ‘Blue Estate 5’

Five issues down and it simply should not be this easy to produce work verging on outright genius. And yet… This issue Kalvachev & co. present the tawdry machinations of "The Money Shot".

Tuesday, June 7 2011

Deadly Cocktail, Perfect Mix: Styles Clash in Blue Estate 3

Even in meeting the demands of the crime noir genre, and giving the story a cooling off period Viktor Kalvachev brings an intensity to Blue Estate.

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