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25 Feb 2008 // 5:33 AM

Indie band Freezepop’s future looks perfect

When Liz Enthusiasm was asked to join Freezepop in 1999, she was cool to the idea, and a bit suspicious. “I had never been in serious

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Freezepop: Future Future Future Perfect

Freezepop's previous delivery of bouncy, energetic synthpop is now more concerned with atmospheres and tones. The group's no less smart or quirky than they have been, but they're a little cooler now, which makes this disc a little less successful.

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	Freezepop: Fancy Ultra-Fresh

Remember Freezepops? Your mom would make you eat them on the front stoop because you would end up with the melted snack all over you.

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2 Apr 2002 // 11:00 PM

	Freezepop: Fashion Impression Function

 Freezepop Freezepop Forever(Archenemy)US release date: 1 February 2001 by Jason Damas freezepop-fashion.jpg :. e-mail this article:. print this article:.

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31 Dec 1994 // 11:03 PM

	Freezepop: Freezepop Forever

Hey remember not too long ago back in the ‘90s when catchy synth group Pulsars had that hit “Tunnel Song” that got played on the

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//Mixed media

NYFF 2017: 'Mudbound'

// Notes from the Road

"Dee Rees’ churning and melodramatic epic follows two families in 1940s Mississippi, one black and one white, and the wars they fight abroad and at home.

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