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Monday, May 1 2006

The Anchor Wars

Their best anchors gone, now, their viewership bailing for Internet sources, US network news programs find themselves drifting.

Tuesday, March 7 2006

We Meet Again, Mr… Bond?

Will audiences bond with the new blond bond? Or will this Bond bomb?

Wednesday, September 28 2005

What Keeps Me Burning

We've all got to die someday. 'Till then, why not light(en) up?

Sunday, July 24 2005

Iran: Dancing in the Spotlight

A joke among Iranian exiles is that since the revolution, Iran takes one step forward and three steps back. With Ahmadinejad's election, it appears Iran is doing this shuffle, again.

Wednesday, June 1 2005

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Taghizadeh defends Al Jazeera, the best source for news from and for the Arab world.

Wednesday, March 30 2005

Another Royal Mess

A tale of a man who will probably never be king and his bride, who couldn't care less if she were made queen.

Tuesday, January 18 2005

Iranian-American Like Me

Prudish by American standards, we are slightly wayward by Iranian ones; nationalistic according to Americans, we are politically aloof according to Iranian elders; culturally proud by Iranian measures, we are often considered snobbish by American interpretations.

Wednesday, September 22 2004

Crouching Tiger: The Republicans’ Duplicitous Position on Iran

Ayatollah Khomeini's regime had, in effect, manipulated the results of the 1980 US elections by ensuring Reagan's victory. Such on-again/off-again, under-the-table 'I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine' politics continue to this day.

Wednesday, July 28 2004

The Politics of a Pill

It's time the morning after pill was taken out of the pharmacist's closet.

Wednesday, May 26 2004

Presidential Showdown: “Southern Efficiency” vs. “Northern Charm”?

In the 2004 US Presidential Elections, voters are faced with two northerners, but one is posing as an adopted southerner that everyone seems to have forgotten was adopted. Yet the façade of the 'northerner' vs. the 'southerner' and all the implicated strengths and weaknesses of those identities prevails, and history gives 'em each a 50/50 chance of winning.

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