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Frustrated Fantasies: Misperceptions of Fandom and ‘Gone With the Wind’

The value of fandom is often underestimated. Rather than the stereotyped burnt-out housewives or socially inept teenagers that obsessively and indiscriminately consume popular culture, fans are active agents.

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Precious and Lee Daniels: State of the Race

In adapting author Sapphire's difficult novel for the screen, director Lee Daniels is helping change the way spectators view African American women by deploying stereotypes and then exploding them.

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Arguably the most famous motion picture ever made, “Gone With The Wind” (1939), and a rebooting of a science-fiction legend, “Star Trek” (2009), sit atop this week’

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At 70, ‘Gone With the Wind’ remains great filmmaking but fictitious history

The most popular movie of all time, winner of 10 Academy Awards, was released 70 years ago. For fans of “Gone With the Wind,” the epic tale

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Wild Mulberries by Iman Humaydan Younes

Every time the reader is drawn in deeper, Younes pulls away, retracting back into her unaffected prose.

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//Mixed media

Intimacy with the Devil: Horror and 'the static speaks my name'

// Moving Pixels

"the static speaks my name creates an uncomfortable intimacy between the player and the protagonist.

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