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Monday, August 5 2013

HBO’s ‘Casting By’ Highlights Film’s Creative Rapports

"I don't like casting," says Woody Allen, in his version of how crucial he finds his longtime collaborator, casting director Juliet Taylor, "I don't like to meet people in any area."

Thursday, August 25 2011

The 100 Essential Directors Part 8: Jean Renoir to Douglas Sirk

From Jean Renior through Douglas Sirk, there may be some choices that raise an eyebrow. While each of the directors we look at today might not be on every cinephile's list of great directors, they absolutely merit inclusion for their distinct visions and dedication to their craft, some despite their questionable personal lives and politics.

Friday, August 19 2011

TV Highpoints and Lowpoints of 2010-2011… Number 2

The 2010-2011 TV season saw an unprecedented number of major film directors work in TV, while Charlie Sheen's meltdown was an embarrassment both to him and to those who fixated on his demise.

Tuesday, August 9 2011

Quentin Tarantino’s Cinematic Reality

Quentin Tarantino is reliving his childhood cinema experiences, reinterpreting fractured moments of memory. Going to the movies is about an escape from our world, a mirror world at once familiar yet different.

Monday, May 23 2011

‘Something Wild’ Is a Film You Will Feel Was Made Just for You

Jonathan Demme’s unclassifiable oddball masterpiece finally gets the recognition it deserves from Criterion.

Tuesday, April 26 2011

Ray Liotta is Your Run-of-the-Mill Thug in ‘Street Kings 2: Motor City’

Even Ray Liotta's convincing presence can't overcome tired clichés and a generic script.

Wednesday, February 23 2011

Public Speaking

Public Speaking opens at Film Forum on 2/23.

Sunday, January 9 2011

‘Michael Jackson’s Vision’ Into the Future

The Moonwalker's short films are brought together here in a single collection. Are you still down with Michael? Are you down? Are you bad?!

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