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8 Sep 2008 // 3:35 AM

There’s something not quite right about “True Blood,” HBO’s new parable/drama series about modern-day vampires living in Louisiana. Let’s allow that “

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4 Sep 2008 // 3:36 AM

LOS ANGELES - There hasn’t been a shortage of vampires on television in recent years. From “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” to “Moonlight,” blood-drinking characters

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25 Aug 2008 // 1:14 AM

The Black List, Vol. 1

As Lou Gossett Jr. recalls his childhood and early career in Greenwich Village for The Black List, Vol. 1, he sits in a depthless space, a gray screen behind him.

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29 May 2008 // 7:24 AM

Michael Patrick King takes about two or three season finales' worth of tears and OMG jawdroppers and whacks them together into a big, sloppy, gooey sundae of a film that is, for better or for worse, just like the show … only longer.

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23 May 2008 // 1:10 AM


Recount doesn't quite argue that the system remains infinitely gameable for those who know it, those in power who wish to remain in power.

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HBO’s ‘Recount’ tries to make sense of 2000 presidential election

Laura Dern recalls the night of Nov. 7, 2000, as a sleepless one. “I thought I was going to bed that night, that infamous night, and stayed

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11 Apr 2008 // 3:43 AM

We’re used to HBO making news, but in recent weeks, most of the buzz has revolved around who would get the channel’s most

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27 Mar 2008 // 4:38 AM

12 Miles of Bad Road It’s a new day at HBO, and right now nobody is more aware of that than Harry Thomason and Linda

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Shunning resolution, shock and tears, ‘The Wire’ stays loose to the end

The epitaph to “The Wire,” HBO’s blistering five-season chronicle of urban decay, was delivered by Cheese (rapper Method Man) in what amounted to his

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7 Mar 2008 // 4:51 AM

A fond farewell to HBO’s ‘The Wire’

When “The Wire” began five seasons and a lifetime of innocence ago, it opened with a scenario that said everything about the beautiful, piercingly honest

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Down to ‘The Wire’: Sunday’s the finale for the acclaimed series

When I say that HBO’s “The Wire” comes to an end on Sunday night, I mean it. If your screen goes black in the

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The hazards of Duke: Susan Sarandon plays famed heiress in HBO movie

When Susan Sarandon brought her dog, Penny, along to a round of interviews at HBO last month, it seemed only fitting. After all, the very

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28 Jan 2008 // 1:33 AM

A patient Gabriel Bryne gets the `Treatment’ from HBO

NEW YORK—It takes a special kind of person to sit, day after day, listening to other people’s problems. It may take a special

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7 Jan 2008 // 3:05 AM

HBO series is down to ‘The Wire’

When thoughts of the writers’ strike and the havoc it has wreaked start to bum us out, it’s encouraging to know that we still

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17 Sep 2007 // 8:32 AM

‘Sopranos’ rocks at the Emmys

At the end of the Emmys Sunday night, after “The Sopranos” won for best drama and the cast and crew were swarming on stage, you

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9 Sep 2007 // 5:07 AM

A stop-and-chat with the ‘King of Curmudgeons’

LOS ANGELES—Going 12 rounds with Mike Tyson? No sweat. Fighting Rosie O’Donnell for the last slice of chocolate mousse? Piece of cake. Approaching Larry

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New HBO series is all about sex… and a couple that isn’t having it

It seems impossible to talk about HBO’s “Tell Me You Love Me” without talking about the sex, which is graphic, even by HBO standards,

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20 Aug 2007 // 4:48 AM

‘As You Like It,’ premiering Tuesday on HBO

In directing a new version of William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It,” Kenneth Branagh fosters a giddy sort of freedom in his actors. Branagh’

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14 Aug 2007 // 3:03 AM

Kenneth Branagh takes Shakespeare to Japan for HBO

Irish actor Kenneth Branagh just cannot leave well enough alone. Not only is he an actor of note (he’s been dubbed the heir apparent

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‘Deadwood’ creator back with HBO’s ‘John From Cincinnati’

HBO’s “John From Cincinnati” ends its first, and possibly last, season on Sunday night, and the only thing that’s clear is that David

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