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Tuesday, October 21 2008

Vintage Bond films, ‘Hulk’ top latest Blu-ray titles

Thursday, October 16 2008

Lego Batman

With Lego Batman, it feels like the Lego series has finally hit its stride.

Monday, September 22 2008

Tom Verlaine: Dreamtime / Words from the Front

Funny how the best moments on Verlaine's early solo albums sound the least like Marquee Moon. Intriguing portraits of a brilliant artist in transition, but fans only need apply.

Let Us Now Praise Ordinary Men: Normalcy, Comics, and The Dark Knight

Without a couple of recognizably fallible and ordinary men like Harvey Dent and Commissioner Gordon at its center, The Dark Knight would ultimately be nothing more than an exceptionally well-tooled and smartly-acted thriller.

Thursday, September 11 2008

Talk, Talk, Talk: December 2008

Just like the end of an inspiring speech that may or may not succeed in making its point, these final four weeks before 2009 tend to define or defeat the entire awards season purpose.

Wednesday, September 10 2008

Talk, Talk, Talk: November 2008

Like the sainted sigh of relief that comes after another shriek-filled All Hallow's Eve, November usually means the start of the 'nominate me' process for the proposed prestige pictures of 2008.

Monday, September 8 2008

I’m Not There, and Neither Are You

The Bob Dylan film, I’m Not There, shows that the main puzzle behind pop music’s most enigmatic personality resides right here, within us all.

Wednesday, August 20 2008

Pop 20: ‘Twilight’ vampires don’t play by the rules

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