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Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past submits that Connor deserves to be saved by Jenny. But it never shows how or why she should bother with him.

Sunday, April 26 2009

Summer of Same: May 2009

May's titles include the fourth films in two aging franchises, more Pixar perfection, and the reboot of a TV series from 40 years ago. And they say there are no new ideas.

Sunday, April 13 2008


Teens have their precious catchphrases and secret languages, but they're nervous, fumbling creatures. They don’t come equipped with Chaucer-like witticisms, or razor-sharp retorts.

Thursday, January 17 2008

‘Juno’ grows and grows

Thursday, January 10 2008

A Gallery of Good Works: The Best Films of 2007

From Julian Schnabel's artsy The Diving Bell and the Butterfly to the legendary Coen Brothers splendid adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men, PopMatters counts down the 30 best films of 2007.

Tuesday, January 8 2008

Performance Art: The Best Acting of 2007 - Female

From the most sweetly nuanced performance of Jennifer Jason Leigh's career to Cate Blanchett's revelatory portrayal of Bob Dylan in I'm Not There, the women of 2007 were stellar.

Thursday, December 20 2007

Oh, baby! 2007 gave birth to a brood of pregnancy comedies

Monday, December 10 2007

Diablo Cody, from stripper to The Screenwriter

Wednesday, December 5 2007


A movie about a 16-year-old girl's unplanned pregnancy, Juno manages to avoid any significant emotional depths, despite its plainly complex subject.

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