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Monday, October 29 2007

El Cantante

Every bit the camp classic that Gigli was supposed to be. El Cantante is nothing if not a generously budgeted, extended music video.

Sunday, October 28 2007

Jennifer Lopez: Brave

Throw some danceable beats together, pay for a couple of recognizable samples maybe add a guest rapper or two, and voila! You have an instant J. Lo album!

Saturday, August 4 2007

El Cantante

Jennifer Lopez is the new Barbra Streisand. No, old Butta Babs can still act and sing rings around this entertainment wannabe. No, where J-Lo matches the Oscar winning diva is in the oversized ego department.

El Cantante

The biopic formula overtakes historical details and even director Leon Ichaso's signature impressionism, with an awkward and unsurprising result.

Thursday, May 3 2007

Monkey Business (Part 4: August)

In past years, Hollywood purposely counter programmed these renowned Cineplex dog days, trying to offset the perception that cinematic scraps were all the studios had to offer. From the look of this lame list, it's apparently back to the filmic fridge for some patently warmed over offerings.

Monday, April 10 2006

An Unfinished Life (2005)

For his part, Lasse Hallström likes the subtler strokes, as the scene when Redford sits in his truck and is unable to start it.

Tuesday, September 13 2005

An Unfinished Life (2005)

For all its attention to fading landscapes and independence, cowboys and loyalties, the movie is more quaintly melodramatic than adventurous.

Friday, May 13 2005

Monster-In-Law (2005)

Though the pathologies Fonda and Lopez embody tend to be framed as individual, they are symptomatic and well rewarded.

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