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30 Mar 2010 // 9:59 PM

Sexual stereotyping reached a fever pitch this month; call it March Madness.

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Game Change by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin

To paraphrase Lewis Black, if the candidates in the 2008 election represent evolution, then by 2016 we're going to be voting for plants.

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18 Apr 2008 // 3:26 AM

Democrats invade Colbert Nation

PHILADELPHIA - Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards converged on Colbert Nation on Thursday. Obama appeared via satellite, but Clinton and Edwards exchanged

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3 Dec 2007 // 1:23 AM

GRUNDY CENTER, Iowa—For many Democrats, the 1990s, when Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton were in the White House, were the good old days. The

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31 Oct 2007 // 2:26 AM

Opponents criticize Clinton on foreign policy

PHILADELPHIA - Early and often, on Iraq, Iran and electability, Hillary Rodham Clinton was sharply criticized by her rivals during a Democratic presidential debate last

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24 Aug 2007 // 3:28 AM

RALEIGH, N.C.—This has been a long, hot summer for Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards. He has been dogged by a series of dust-ups,

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8 Aug 2007 // 2:01 AM

Democrats face off in union-led debate

CHICAGO - It can be rough being a front-runner, especially on a hot night on the gridiron. Two of the leading Democratic presidential candidates found

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5 Aug 2007 // 4:17 AM

CHICAGO - In a town known for political clout and greased wheels, perhaps there was no better place than Chicago Saturday for seven Democratic presidential

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18 Jul 2007 // 3:31 AM

Edwards drawing comparisons to Robert F. Kennedy

MARKS, Miss. - As former Sen. John Edwards was touring this Mississippi Delta town the other day, a woman mistook him for a member of

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17 Jul 2007 // 3:32 AM

CANTON, Miss. - Not many presidential candidates make it to Mount Levi Full Gospel Baptist Church, located across the street from a battered trailer park

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30 Jun 2007 // 10:00 PM

Claws were bared and tongues were wagging last week as a “catfight” took center stage in the presidential race. The confrontation began Tuesday when Elizabeth

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10 Jun 2007 // 3:29 AM

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards arrived at the Google company auditorium determined to speak the language of high tech. He

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5 Jun 2007 // 4:39 AM

Debates have too few voices, too many topics

WASHINGTON - Does Barack Obama have twice as much to say as Joe Biden? Are his views really twice as important? That’s the impression

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4 Jun 2007 // 4:04 AM

Democrats work aggressively to distinguish themselves from one another

MANCHESTER, N.H. - After months of laying equal claim as the leading voice against the war in Iraq, the eight Democratic presidential candidates fought

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3 Jun 2007 // 3:47 AM

WASHINGTON—This presidential campaign may offer a test of whether poverty can make a comeback as a political issue. For more than two years, former

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31 May 2007 // 2:56 AM

BURLINGAME, Calif. - The presidential candidates came staking claims to the political riches and entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani

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24 May 2007 // 3:12 AM

RALEIGH, N.C. - In the run up to Memorial Day, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has been all over the Internet. There is an

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23 May 2007 // 2:50 AM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Laura Belin plans to take her children to a Memorial Day parade Monday. There, at the urging of Democratic presidential candidate

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9 May 2007 // 3:20 AM

RALEIGH, N.C. - Even before his wife, Elizabeth Edwards, learned that her cancer had returned, John Edwards had made health-care reform one of his

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2 May 2007 // 3:33 AM

TACOMA, Wash. - Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards, a textile worker’s son turned wealthy lawyer, pitched himself as an anti-war populist to Puget Sound,

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