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Tuesday, April 28 2009

Summer of Same: July 2009

In a rare attempt at novelty, July jets along with only Harry Potter and the Ice Age crew sampling continuing series spoils. The rest provide unknown pleasures.

Monday, March 23 2009

Part 2: The Virgin Suicides to The Blair Witch Project (May - August 1999)

In Part Two of our look at the most memorable films of 1999, we experience music, foul-mouthed mayhem, and a late, great auteur's final cinematic statement.

Tuesday, February 10 2009

‘Miracle at St. Anna,’ ‘Frozen River’ two of 2008’s best

Wednesday, February 4 2009

Righteous Kill

This movie boasts a tired and generic script and achieves a weird sort of harmonic convergence of forgetablilty.

Sunday, December 14 2008

Nothing Like the Holidays

Nothing Like the Holidays is like a lot of other holiday movies.

Thursday, October 16 2008

Why, Spike, Why?

For all of Spike Lee's status as the eternal Young Turk, he's also a moviemaker who came of age just a few years after the brat pack of Spielberg, Scorsese, de Palma, et al.

Wednesday, October 15 2008

Cinema Qua Non - Indispensable DVDs: Part 3

Day Three - The final ten, a cross-culture collection teeming with big ideas, larger than life visions, and perhaps the greatest documentary on rugby you've probably never heard of.

Friday, September 26 2008

Miracle at St. Anna

Spike Lee's answer to the many WWII movies that have left out the experiences of black soldiers, Miracle at St. Anna is ambitious and ardent.

Thursday, September 25 2008

‘Miracle’ Is Engrossing if Uneven

Friday, September 12 2008

‘Righteous Kill’: Attacked on All Sides

Righteous Kill uses Karen (Carla Gugino) both to critique the male cops' sense of self-righteousness and be the victim.

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