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Friday, April 24 2015

‘Cries and Whispers’ Is a Life-Affirming Film About Death

To call Ingmar Bergman's red-drenched masterpiece Cries and Whispers essential to any collection would be a serious understatement.

Monday, July 14 2014

Revisiting ‘Garden State’ 10 Years Later

Despite the film’s hipster soundtrack and depiction of twenty-something malaise, it ultimately embraces the human spirit and all of the sentimentality that goes with it.

Monday, May 16 2011

Is ‘The Other Woman’ Competing in the Cliché Olympics?

Although The Other Woman has the potential to be socially relevant given today’s blended families, it doesn’t present anything new.

Tuesday, May 3 2011

Taking a ripping adventure with Thor

Tuesday, March 15 2011

SXSW Film Festival Day 2: ‘Super’ and ‘Being Elmo’

If Super was on your radar, then it’s probably safe to say you are in the four percent that it was made for. And you will more than likely have yourself a grand ol’ time.

Tuesday, February 8 2011

Super Spots or Big Blunders

A lot of production, distribution, and marketing companies spent a lot of time and a lot of money to air ads for movies that are six months away. Which ones will make them a lot of money instead of costing exactly that?

Monday, May 31 2010

Uncertainty: A Meditation on Choice in New York City

Uncertainty may not be deeply profound, but McGhee and Siegel, and their lead actors, use the film to explore the power of chance and choice in a subtle and emotionally compelling way.

Wednesday, January 27 2010

A Little Human Magic in Recent DVDs

Either by coincidence or because I just happened to watch these all on a cold day when I needed a little warmth, the magic of the human condition emerged as a trend in these new DVD releases.

Monday, January 25 2010

How to Hold a Woman by Billy Lombardo

This debut novel-in-stories examines the way an American family deals with the murder of their daughter and the fractured relationships that exist as a result.

Sunday, October 25 2009

Bored New World: How the Zach Braff Prototype Is Slowly Killing American Music

Natalie Portman popped headphones onto Zach Braff's head and said, "This song will change your life." The resulting sound was not only that of carefully composed dullness, but of a million wealthy white kids investing in dull acoustic music to soundtrack their own romantic melodrama.

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