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Thursday, May 24 2012

Sherlock Holmes, Dirk Gently and the Case of the Eccentric Detective

With two TV shows returning Arthur Conan Doyle's creation to our screens, Sherlock Holmes has never seemed more influential. But for the good of detective fiction, it might be time to look elsewhere for our unorthodox investigators...

Wednesday, September 7 2011

Jude Law relished his prickly part in ‘Contagion’

Thursday, March 26 2009

Part 5: Toy Story 2 to Titus (November - December 1999)

On this final day of PopMatters' 1999 overview, awards season hype gives way to pure acting prowess and definitive directorial flair.

Sunday, March 22 2009

Part 1: The Thin Red Line to Star Wars Episode I (January - May 1999)

The first part of PopMatters' look back at the films of 1999 is bookended by the long awaited return of two cinematic auteurs of wildly different styles, Terrence Malick and George Lucas.

Wednesday, August 27 2008

My Blueberry Nights

Wong's films are structured around images of characters in repose, of interactions weighted with desire, and of individual memory and fantasy.

Sunday, June 29 2008

My Blueberry Nights (2007)

My Blueberry Nights

In Blueberry Nights, attractions are premised on separate losses, cultivations of similar heartaches, and delights in desserts.

Wednesday, April 9 2008


Both dazzlingly brilliant and incredibly irritating, often most irritating when it catches itself being brilliant.

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