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16 Jul 2008 // 7:58 AM

Ted Danson: Dead or alive? When we last saw evil businessman Arthur Frobisher in FX’s fantastic “Damages,” he was lying shot up in some

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2 Oct 2007 // 6:37 AM

If you’ve read, watched or listened to media in the past two weeks, you already know the story of “The War” (3 stars, PBS/Paramount, $129.99;

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27 Sep 2007 // 4:08 AM

Taking it personally: ‘The War’ hits home

Dec. 8, 1941, Camp Claiborne, La. My dearest Ethel: You undoubtedly want to know what’s been going on in the past day. Naturally, with Japan’s

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23 Sep 2007 // 5:12 AM

‘The War,’ documentary series beginning Sunday on PBS

At first, Ken Burns’ monumental new work, “The War,” looks and sounds familiar, and because of that, is almost comforting. There are recognizable Burns touches

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21 Sep 2007 // 3:52 AM

Ken Burns stays on march for PBS’ ‘The War’

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Another morning’s worth of interviews behind him, yet a whole afternoon and evening’s worth of personal appearances still ahead, Ken Burns

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Acclaimed big-screen directors from William Wyler to Steven Spielberg have been drawn to it. Newsman Tom Brokaw gave voice to the generation that lived through

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16 Aug 2007 // 5:29 AM

The presence of Ken Burns’ father looms large in his son’s latest PBS epic. But viewers won’t know it. An unidentified photograph of

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17 Jul 2007 // 4:15 AM

LOS ANGELES—As the author of “The Greatest Generation,” former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw is perhaps the only person who has talked with more

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16 Jul 2007 // 7:18 AM

After a week now of TV critics mixing with producers, executives and stars, one production looms larger and larger over the fall landscape: Ken Burns’

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12 Jul 2007 // 5:33 AM

LOS ANGELES - Pressure from Latino groups to include their perspective in “The War,” the upcoming 15-hour documentary series by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick,

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11 Jul 2007 // 4:56 AM

The Television Critics Association press tour kicked off this week with PBS, which was good, and in an odd way, not so good. The good

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Ken Burns: American Lives

Ken Burns is both goofy and deep. He even laughs about wearing people out with the interminable length of his films.

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//Mixed media

'Inside' and the Monstrosity of Collectivism

// Moving Pixels

"An ability to manipulate a collective is a hint at what a little boy's power as an individual might be.

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