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My Life With the Tape Hiss Cult

When we think of our experiences with electronic music, we can follow a thought trail that leads like a Wikipedia article from one incendiary album to many others. Their qualities are not always alike but for one: the nostalgic thread that runs through them.

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Various Artists: Soul Jazz Records Singles 2006-2007

Anyone waiting for Soul Jazz Records to put a foot wrong might want to find something else to do.

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Dälek: Deadverse Massive Vol. 1

Deaverse Massive Vol. 1 is more fanservice than album proper.

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Kid 606: Pretty Girls Make Raves

Kid 606's schizophrenic career now provides us with, of all things, an old school techno album.

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11 Oct 2005 // 11:00 PM

	Kid 606: Resilience

Kid 606 finally finds the freedom to make the album he's always wanted to make -- a completely and utterly ordinary one.

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	Kid 606: Who Still Kill Sound?

I got a phone call from my wife recently and it went something like this:Her: “Hey honey, we got another CD in the mail

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4 Mar 2004 // 11:00 PM

	Kid 606: Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You

Kid 606—Miguel Depedro’s musical pseudonym—is an oddity, a musical misfit that mangles every genre from power-noise to hip shaking dance music to drone-driven

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//Mixed media

In Defense of the Infinite Universe in 'No Man's Sky'

// Moving Pixels

"The common cries of disappointment that surround No Man’s Sky stem from the exciting idea of an infinite universe clashing with the harsh reality of an infinite universe.

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