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Ladytron: Gravity The Seducer

Ten years into their synth-poppy career, Ladytron's music is still frigid and shows no signs of thawing.

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11 Feb 2009 // 9:30 AM

“Tomorrow” is the latest video off Ladytron‘s excellent 2008 release, Velocifero. It’s full of faded hues and slightly surreal and but resolutely fantastical imagery.

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Ladytron - 17 June 2008, Chicago

All About Style Anyone in attendance would have easily thought it was a Saturday night instead of a Tuesday as they gazed into the eyes

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2 Jun 2008 // 10:00 PM

Ladytron: Velocifero

Ladytron's fourth album has the foursome continuing to show just how consistently good they are.

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30 Mar 2008 // 9:00 PM

Ladytron Black Cat [MP3] (Velocifero releasing 3 June)       Neon Neon Raquel [MP3]       The Kills Cheap and

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29 Oct 2006 // 10:00 PM


Anyone looking for a shimmy between fixes?

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	Ladytron: Witching Hour

Ladytron's third album is not only their most adventurous to date, it's also their best.

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	Ladytron: Softcore Jukebox

Have you ever been handed a mix CD (or mix tape) by a friend, who happens to be a major music geek? You politely promise

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5 Mar 2003 // 12:00 AM

Just one day after I saw the Ladytron concert, I experienced its antithesis. A jaunt upstate to visit a friend found me sitting in a

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8 Jan 2003 // 10:00 PM

	Ladytron: Light & Magic

Two cuts into Ladytron’s sophomore effort Light & Magic, they drop “Seventeen”, a delicious slice of early ‘80s electro-sleeze with all the right elements—

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5 Jun 2002 // 12:00 AM

Familiar Aliens: Ladytron “Team” DJ set Terms like “nu-wave”, “Electroclash”, and “tech-pop”, have recently been thrown around a lot by the media, record labels, promoters,

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31 Dec 1994 // 10:03 PM

        Ladytron: 604

For the past few years the term “‘80s revival” has retained a somewhat narrow definition, usually reserved for Cyndi Lauper, Boy George and other wash-ups

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//Mixed media

Trickle Down Corruption in 'This Is the Police'

// Moving Pixels

"In a world of hitmen, snitches, mobsters, murderers, terrorists, rapists, rioters, bombers, thieves, and serial killers, your greatest enemy is your boss.

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