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Wednesday, October 15 2008

Cinema Qua Non - Indispensable DVDs: Part 3

Day Three - The final ten, a cross-culture collection teeming with big ideas, larger than life visions, and perhaps the greatest documentary on rugby you've probably never heard of.

Sunday, June 22 2008

John Adams (HBO Miniseries)

Avoiding the powdered-wig iconography of the founding fathers, this film broadens the view of these revolutionary leaders and their tumultuous times.

Monday, April 21 2008

The Savages

Sometimes the simplest stories about the most ordinary of people can be the most engaging, rewarding and entertaining.

The Savages

The flawless performances and bracing humor enliven this film's grim subject matter.

Wednesday, December 5 2007

Brothers and sisters bare their fangs on the big screen

Wednesday, November 28 2007

The Savages

Jenkins and her gifted cast have put together an insular film that subtly examines and questions the state of elder care in the United States.

The Savages

Tamara Jenkins' movie mixes bleak humor and acute insight, familiar and strange at the same time.

Friday, August 31 2007

The Hottest State

For a film set mostly inside one character's head, The Hottest State spends a lot of time on the road.

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