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Tuesday, November 22 2011

The 10 Cinematic Reasons to Be Thankful in 2011

Holidays are a time for reflection. Here are 10 films (actually, 11) we are thankful we saw in 2011.

Five Eastern European Games You Need To Play

It’s not all grey and colorless in Eastern Europe. The past few years have seen some genuinely engaging titles surfacing from a swamp of mediocrity, and recent legislation offering Russian game companies government subsidies suggests that there might be more where those came from.

Friday, November 18 2011

The 10 Insipid Things We Learn in ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1’

It's time to end this entire Twilight twaddle, and here are ten reasons the phenomenon should go out with a chuckle, not a cheer.

Tuesday, November 15 2011

The 10 Best Behind the Scenes Film Books of All Time

Today's List This features 10 tell-all tomes that will give you the scoop on some of Hollywood's most notorious films... and filmmakers.

Wednesday, November 9 2011

Up, Down, Turn Around: The 15 Best New Order Songs of All Time

New Order's debut album, Movement, celebrates its 30th birthday this month. To celebrate, we're counting down the classic group's 15 best tracks.

Thursday, November 3 2011

The Top 5 Mysteries of ‘American Horror Story’

In a new series already packed to the max with confounding conundrums, these are the top tricks in need of treats sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, November 2 2011

20 Protest Songs for Today’s Occupy Everything

The Occupy Everything movement continues to grow and build strength. Here are 20 of the highlights from our 2007 protest songs series that remain as relevant as ever and could well be a soundtrack for our times.

Wednesday, October 26 2011

The 10 Worst Horror Sequels/Prequels of All Time

Sequels/Prequels are nothing new in the horror genre, and everyone knows that the majority are less than stellar. Here's a list of some of the most embarrassing entries into our beloved genre.

The 10 Best Hold Steady Songs

The Hold Steady's music represents a delightfully perverse amalgamation of the Rolling Stones’ unbridled sexuality, Jack Kerouac’s open-road spirit, and the Replacement’s independent sensibility. No doubt, any of these 10 songs would make a great “gateway drug” for anyone interested in discovering the charms of the group for the first time.

Tuesday, October 25 2011

Tough Guys Recite: The 5 Best Poetry Spittin’ TV Characters

Every generic hero on TV can finish a poetic quotation or identify a poignant quatrain (down to the line numbers). But few can spit Tennyson or Yeats with such venom as these guys.

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