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Tuesday, October 25 2011

Tough Guys Recite: The 5 Best Poetry Spittin’ TV Characters

Every generic hero on TV can finish a poetic quotation or identify a poignant quatrain (down to the line numbers). But few can spit Tennyson or Yeats with such venom as these guys.

Wednesday, October 19 2011

10 Standout Hip-Hop Tracks from 1991

As a complement to PopMatters' "Nevermind Nostalgia" retrospective on music in 1991, Sound Affects takes at look at a partial selection of the year's hip-hop highlights that lean more towards beats production than the era’s increasingly popular gangsta genre.

Tuesday, October 18 2011

The 10 Greatest Modern Horror Movies

Halloween is fast approaching. Here are our Top 10 Picks for fright films guaranteed to disturb your sleep and shiver your spine.

Monday, October 17 2011

The 10 Most Spectacular Screwups in Television History

Come with us now (rattles chains, Marley-style) as we take a cautionary look back at the 10 most spectacular mistakes of TV executives past…

Thursday, October 13 2011

The Five Best Movie Surprises of 2011… So Far

Oscar season may end up altering this list severely, but for now, these five films are the pleasant reminders of why we give some movies a chance instead of dismissing them on sight...of first trailer.

Wednesday, October 12 2011

Ranking R.E.M.: The 10 Best Albums

One author's farewell ranking of the top 10 R.E.M. LPs illustrates that some albums that were monster hits have not aged especially well, while another album entitled Monster has, and that the usual suspects remain indelible after all these years.

Tuesday, October 11 2011

The 10 Greatest Horror Remakes of All Time

The horror genre has produced some remake junk. In the case of these ten treats, the update delivers something definitive.

Thursday, October 6 2011

20 Music Videos from the 1980s That Have Aged Well

In this second installment of Sound Affects' retrospective of music videos from the 1980s, we focus on 20 promos that have, remarkably, stood the test of time.

Tuesday, October 4 2011

Beyond Jodie Dallas: TV’s 10 Most Important LGBT Characters

Several "best" or "favorite" LGBT TV character lists have popped up in recent years, but they don't always include the most important LGBT characters. So, we pay tribute to the ten(ish) most significant LGBT characters in US television history.

The 10 Greatest Movie Hitmen of All Time

With Pulp Fiction out on Blu-ray, it's time to champion the Top 10 contract killers of all time... men and women who make death their brazen business.

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