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Thursday, July 7 2011

Top 10 Coolest Robots from Film & TV

In honor of Transformers: Dark of the Moon's release this past weekend, we tip our hats to all the amazing robots and robettes who've entertained us through the years.

Wednesday, July 6 2011

The 10 Insane Lessons Learned from ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’

10 Examples of the Craziest, Most Cracked Concepts Ever Forwarded as "Normal" By a Proposed Mainstream Entertainment.

Friday, July 1 2011

15 of the Best 4th of July Songs in Rock Music

Wondering where songwriters have paid homage to the Fourth of July in their songs? Here are 15 notable examples of references to the American holiday.

Still Ill: The Best 13 Songs by the Smiths

To celebrate the 25th birthday of the Smiths' masterful album The Queen Is Dead, PopMatters presents a list of the top 13 tracks by the legendary English quartet.

Tuesday, June 28 2011

The 10 Legitimate Movie-Related Reasons to Hate Nicolas Cage

Think the actor's recent rash of paycheck-cashing roles is something new? These 10 career-spanning examples will set the record straight.

Monday, June 27 2011

More of the Best Summer TV

Because we know you like the cool A/C, but love these cool shows. The following represents the incredibly entertaining programming now airing in the hot, sweaty summer months, even if it's not (yet) good enough to make the fall schedule.

Wednesday, June 22 2011

The 12 Most Memorable Paul McCartney Solo Songs

When he wasn’t collaborating with wife Linda, working in Wings, doing a duet, or disguised as the Fireman, Paul McCartney was going at it alone post-Beatles. In honor of his 69th birthday and the recent reissues of McCartney and McCartney II, here’s a look at his best solo work.

Tuesday, June 21 2011

The 10 Worst Family Films of All Time

Lock up the wee ones... here are 10 films guaranteed to stunt their growth, as well as their sense of fun and imagination.

Thursday, June 16 2011

The 10 Biggest “WTF?” Movie Concepts of All Time

Get ready to have your aesthetic driven insane by these 10 toxic examples of cinematic "huh?"

Wednesday, June 15 2011

A Stormy Playlist: 10 Songs for Before, During, and After the Summer Storms

If we are going to learn to grin and bear this year's enhanced, prolonged stormy activity, we need an equally stormy playlist to accompany the thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and whatever other maladies Mother Nature might throw our way during this summer season

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