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Tuesday, June 12 2012

Five for Five: ‘Rock of Ages’

Five reasons for and against seeing the new musical starring a shirtless Tom Cruise (reason #1 either way).

Thursday, June 7 2012

If You Choose Not to Decide: The 10 Best Rush Songs

Beloved by musicians and originally shunned by critics, Rush continues to win fans and even detractors well into their fourth decade of making music. With the Canadian trio's new album Clockwork Angels due for release in just a few days, Sound Affects counts down the ensemble's top ten songs.

Wednesday, June 6 2012

All the Pieces Matter: Ranking the Seasons of ‘The Wire’

Four years after its conclusion, The Wire continues to top best-of lists across internet sites and print magazines alike. And with each season's unique story arc, each viewer is likely to have favorites. Here is but one humble fan's take on each season of one of the greatest feats in television's history.

Tuesday, June 5 2012

Ranking Ridley: The 10 Best Films by Ridley Scott

Some consider him a genius. Others label him style over substance. Here are 10 examples of Ridley Scott's aesthetic, including his most recent "return to form".

Tuesday, May 29 2012

The 10 Greatest Aspects of the ‘Star Wars’ Franchise

Everyone's favorite space opera turns 35 this week. Here are 10 reasons why we still love this adventure from long ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

Wednesday, May 23 2012

The Top 10 Overplayed Songs You Hate by Artists You Love

Individually, they've each amassed a musical legacy worthy of several daily spins. Yet according to radio, these terrific musicians are only worth one -- or on the outside chance, two -- songs each. As a result, they've become pigeonholed, and these 10 tracks have become (almost) insufferable.

Thursday, May 17 2012

The Best Canadian Records of the Year? The Fun Agony of Voting for the Polaris Prize Long List

It’s roughly one month now before the first ballot for Canada’s Polaris Prize produces its Long List of the 40 best records of the year. As of today, here are my picks for the top ten Canadian records of the past 12 months.

Tuesday, May 15 2012

Go Goth!: Ranking the Burton/Depp Collaborations

Their combined names are synonymous with creative risk-taking within a mainstream movie dynamic. Here's how we rank the eight (and counting) collaborations between this eclectic duo.

Wednesday, May 9 2012

15 Overlooked and Underrated Albums of the 1990s

With every "Best of the '90s" retrospective comes a predictable list of entries. Here we've compiled a list of 15 albums that are often times overlooked as worthy of placing in these lists, and are too often underrated as some of the best records from the decade.

Tuesday, May 8 2012

The 10 Filmmakers Whose Work Must Be Seen on the Big Screen

These are 10 filmmaking talents whose work can only be truly appreciated on a canvas 70-feet high. They visualize their ideas in larger than life swatches, switching gears and driving their designs to the very edges of imagination.

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