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17 Aug 2011 // 12:30 PM

Mister Heavenly: Out of Love

Sub-Pop doo-wop for an indie-rock sock hop from the Unicorns' Nick Thorburn and Man Man’s piano-puncher Ryan "Honus Honus" Kattner.

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Desitively Bonnaroo: Reporting from the Land of Dust and Music (Part 2)

You are at Bonnaroo. You do not sleep. You are not a wimp.

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17 May 2011 // 10:00 PM

Man Man: Life Fantastic

Philadelphia weirdos present songs about bizarre deaths and murderers on their fourth, and catchiest, record to date.

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8 Apr 2009 // 7:30 AM

Man Man go all horror film on us in their new video for “Rabbit Habits”. Actually, it’s more of a mini film than just

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Man Man: 13 December 2008 - Sydney

If you’ve spent some time with Man Man’s music you might be a little apprehensive venturing to their live show. Is it going to be a simple get-down? Or are they asking something more of us?

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7 Apr 2008 // 11:02 PM

Man Man: Rabbit Habits

As musically rambunctious and jubilant as Man Man’s earlier releases, but underneath its trademark cacophony is some of the darkest subject matter the band has tackled to date.

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Man Man + Who Shot Hollywood: 5 October 2007 - Northampton, MA

Man Man is, if anything, still evolving, and, these days, you better be prepared for a surprise -- especially when the time comes to play new songs.

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23 Jul 2007 // 2:00 AM

Man Man + Deerhunter: 10 July 2007 - Philadelphia

It was the hottest night of the Philadelphia summer, with the temperature barely creeping down from the day’s high of 98 degrees, and I was about to walk into an inferno...

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6 Mar 2006 // 12:00 AM

Man Man: Six Demon Bag

Metamasculine Philly band Man Man leads a funeral march into regions of your heart that don't yet exist.

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//Mixed media

20 Questions: Amadou & Miriam

// Sound Affects

"For their ninth studio album, acclaimed Malian duo Amadou & Miriam integrate synths into their sound while displaying an overt love of Pink Floyd.

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