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Thursday, September 14 2006

Sympathy for the Middleman

Despite mounting debt, it's imperative that we continue to laugh at calls for austerity and conservation, and celebrate those noble marketers that keep us consuming -- whoops, I mean innovating.

Sunday, August 20 2006

Oh, the Tangled Webs We Weave

The apparent escape into the cultural niches available online will eventually lead directly into data-collecting advertisers' traps.

Thursday, July 13 2006

flag Creativity

Like Calvinists who stockpile life's finer things in hopes of shoring up their sense of themselves as elect, hipsters surround themselves with the trappings of creativity and trust that this substantiates their claim to being cool.

Wednesday, June 7 2006

The Underground Empire

Are the outposts of underground culture -- bookstores, record stores, etc. -- places where American curiosity and enthusiasm are kept alive, or places where ingrained snobbery is allowed to snuff it out?

Thursday, May 4 2006

Headphones and Head Space

The quest for a perfect synthesis of public and private existence may lead us to online 'metaverses' where we don't really exist at all.

Wednesday, April 12 2006

The Attention Economy

Amatuer online blogs and MySpace pages give currency to a growing 'attention economy', wherein the most successful have garnered the most flattering friends - and advertisers.

Wednesday, March 8 2006

The Snacks Attack Society

Shopping, cooking, eating, washing dishes... it's all such a time-sucking, distracting chore. Best to wrap it all up in plastic and hurry it along, lest lost time eat at you.

Monday, February 13 2006

Shopping Paranoid

Beware, be wary on your hunt for the perfect (you name it); for you are the hunted.

Monday, January 9 2006

Information Whirlwind

The prestige of sharing an extensive downloaded music library is wearing so thin that it's becomming almost as transparent as that ever-blowing cyber wind.

Tuesday, December 13 2005

Holiday Shopping: The Good Fight

Warriors of Consumption, Black Friday Masses, The Joys of Discretionary Spending, The Privilege of Spending.

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