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Thursday, October 2 2008


If its political metaphor is plain, the aesthetic allusions are more intriguing, as Blindness works to show what can't be shown, to find a visual language for what's not visual.

In the Land of the Blind

Fernando Meirelles’ adaptation of Jose Saramago’s Blindness fails because the source material doesn’t easily lend itself to cinema, and because the filmmaker is clearly out of his depth.

Tuesday, September 23 2008

Married Life

Moving slowly and accompanied by a hushed Pierce Brosnan narration, the movie is buttoned-up to a fault, never closer than tongue-near-cheek.

Thursday, September 11 2008

Talk, Talk, Talk: December 2008

Just like the end of an inspiring speech that may or may not succeed in making its point, these final four weeks before 2009 tend to define or defeat the entire awards season purpose.

Tuesday, September 9 2008

Talk, Talk, Talk: October 2008

What studio suit thought this was a good idea? With four months to schedule your high priced efforts, you instead unload almost 30 overpriced pictures on an unsuspecting movie audience.

Monday, September 8 2008

Talk, Talk, Talk: September 2008

From wars both past and present to a number of nail-biting thrillers, September is sizing up as a potentially profitable one.

I’m Not There, and Neither Are You

The Bob Dylan film, I’m Not There, shows that the main puzzle behind pop music’s most enigmatic personality resides right here, within us all.

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