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Monday, July 6 2009

Living ‘Off the Wall’

This is an album so wholly realized in its style and aesthetic that it feels like a continuous loop, infinitely playing in addendum with some blissed out, never-ending dance floor.

Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears a Crown: Remembering Michael Jackson

No case study can come close to approximating the one-of-a-kind wunderkind who became the King of Pop. His story is unique, and will likely remain the triumphant and ultimately tragic cultural touchstone of our times.

Michael Jackson and the Mix

Creating a mix CD is different than listening to an album. Instead of listening to artists tell their stories, you use their music to tell one of your own.

Why the Memory of ‘The King of Pop’ Matters

I hope his effusive childlike enthusiasm gives him access to heaven’s gate, where maybe he can reconstruct the childhood he once lost.

Win the Ultimate Michael Jackson Discography on MP3 (streaming playlist)

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Sunday, July 5 2009

The MJ Top Ten Tribute

The ultimate list of icons to pay performance tribute to THE icon.

Thriller, Nevermore: Michael Jackson’s Tell-Tale Obsession with Edgar Allan Poe

Much has been made of Michael Jackson’s identification with the character of Peter Pan, but the late singer had another literary devotion that didn’t make it into his obituaries: He was an Edgar Allan Poe fanatic.

Peter Pan Has Left the Building

The King of Pop’s life and times reads like a parallel social history of the United States since Ike’s White House tenure.

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