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Friday, August 22 2014

‘When the Game Stands Tall’: Faith-Based High School Football

It's hard to think of a scene in this movie you haven't seen in another.

Friday, May 23 2014

‘The Selfish Giant’ Is Oscar Wilde Re-Imagined

Clio Barnard's vision of the terrenely paradise described by Oscar Wilde has less to do with romanticism and everything to do with escapism.

Thursday, April 25 2013

‘30 for 30: Elway to Marino’: Remembering NFL Draft Day 1983

The film shows that the men who are involved in this business, those sold or sold and those who sell or buy, all have more at stake than they might imagine on that one day.

Tuesday, August 23 2011

‘NEDS’: Tough choices in ‘70s Glasgow

NEDS is the very antithesis of the well-made film exemplified by 2011 BAFTA winner The King's Speech, favoring energy and impact over easily digested storytelling.

Thursday, August 18 2011

‘Home and Away’ Is an Even-Handed and Stunning Portrayal of a Bona-Fide Love of the Beautiful Game

Dave Bidini takes a bit of an unexpected detour into a little heard or written about worldwide soccer tournament that consists of players who are, believe it or not, homeless.

Sunday, May 22 2011

The 25 Best Progressive Rock Songs of All Time

Put as simply -- and starkly -- as possible, many beautiful babies were thrown out with the bath water by hidebound critics who were content to sniffingly dismiss the more ambitious (pretentious!) works that certain bands were putting out as a matter of course in the early-to-mid-‘70s.

Monday, December 13 2010

‘Shadows of Progress’ Is a Testament to the Best in Documentary Filmmaking

This is one of the best DVD releases of the year. It's so substantial, and so thorough, that it becomes not so much a DVD collection as a small, single-subject library of film.

Thursday, October 7 2010

Physical and Emotional Boundaries Crumble in ‘Trespass’

In Rose Tremain's new novel about two pairs of siblings battling over past injustices and a stone farmhouse in the south of France, misery loves company to a fault.

Sunday, March 21 2010

Strange Days Indeed by Francis Wheen

Richard Nixon, runaway unemployment, fuel shortages, Uri Geller bending spoons, and the threat of nuclear holocaust. Why was everyone so paranoid?

Thursday, January 21 2010

Will Super Bowl be economic windfall, or hot air?

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