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Re-Inventing the Deal: An Interview with Michelle Shocked

Corporate battles, homelessness, and forgiveness are routine to this "indelible" woman.

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Michelle Shocked: Soul of My Soul

Michelle Shocked is fierce in love and war.

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For Michelle Shocked, new live gospel CD is an answered prayer

The clues that alt-folk singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked was serious about both religion and gospel music have been there all along, apparently hidden in plain sight.

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The Exact Wrong Person: An Interview with Michelle Shocked

Michelle Shocked attempts to meld her politics, her religion, and her art while taking the scorn and criticism.

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Michelle Shocked: ToHeavenURide

What is ostensibly coming from a deep, and deeply personal, connection with the Lord, ends up sounding subverted by glad-handing showmanship.

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	Michelle Shocked: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell / Got No Strings / Mexican Standoff

Like The Godfather, Michelle Shocked returns with her own trilogy -- part Tex-Mex, part swing, part Disney and everything in between. And most of the time it works very smoothly.

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3 Jun 2003 // 1:00 AM

Okay, the show had been billed as doors at 7:00 p.m., show at 8:00. But I was still, well, shocked to see Michelle Shocked herself already

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//Mixed media

'Steep' Loves Its Mountains

// Moving Pixels

"SSX wanted you to fight its mountains, Steep wants you to love its mountains.

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