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Monday, May 17 2010

Afraid of a Ghost: Inside the ‘All Apologies’ Meme

Why did the Robert-Pattinson-as-Kurt-Cobain myth take in more people than any April Fool? Because it seemed too uncomfortably true to be bullshit.

Wednesday, May 12 2010

Paranoid Android: Is Music the Opiate of the iPod-Owning Masses?

Wherein our curmudgeonly record shop owner realizes that his store with its bins full of vinyl was his own personal iPod long before the iPod was ever invented.

Sunday, May 9 2010

An Impressive Group of Artists Attempt to Explain our Essential Bond With the Beat

Even the most eloquent speakers struggle to truly describe their unending passion for music.

Monday, March 29 2010

Juliana Hatfield: Peace & Love

Juliana Hatfield remains deep in mourning for the days of Crystal Pepsi and Pogs, but can't seem to say anything very intellectual about it here.

Wednesday, January 27 2010

Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Phil Ochs: Amchitka

Poignant, and relevant, Amchitka reminds us of a romanticized era when idealism was still able to give way to revolution.

Thursday, December 10 2009

Nirvana: Live at Reading

Few live shows are able to communicate a band's heart and soul the way Nirvana's is brilliantly encapsulated here.

Sunday, November 29 2009

Victim’s Gay Hero and Modern Marvels of Social Change

No, gays won’t have to march- there are plenty more ways for heroes to come out to battle. What if lynching had gone viral? Remember that Dr. King had no iPhone, hence the distance between Montgomery and Atlanta was enormous, but dwarfed by now the Internet (not to mention I-85).

Tuesday, November 17 2009

Cracked Media: The Sound of Malfunction by Caleb Kelly

Kelly's study provides access to some fascinating theories of, and experiments in, the "wrong" uses of technology as explored by some important sound artists of the phonographic era.

Tuesday, November 10 2009

Bell Horses: The Loves Last Time

For better or worse, Bell Horses debut of melancholy electro-pop goes down like water and acts like a sleeping pill.

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