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Bob Dylan’s Magical, Controversial Night Shows No Signs of Losing Life

Elijah Wald expertly recreates the (in)famous Newport electric set, shifting perspective amongst Dylan, Seeger and others to fans in the crowd and even the beleaguered sound man.

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Newport Folk Festival 2015: Dylan ‘65 Revisited and the Community at Fort Adams

The 2015 Newport Folk Festival was an amazing event with a great lineup of artists, the vibe of a small community and a beautiful location.

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22 Aug 2013 // 1:00 AM

The Newport Folk Festival Paradox

We are all in this together, but now more than ever we are all hopelessly alone and apart. Three days of trading licks at Newport won't change anything, but in the words of Joe Fletcher, “Without Newport, what alternative is there? No folk at all?”

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Newport Folk Festival: July 31st – Aug 1st, Newport, RI

Throughout the lovely weekend, Newport proved folk music is still strong, and a more varied than ever before.

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George Wein’s Newport Folk Festival is an event that stands proudly on its heritage. With its 51st anniversary approaching fast, it’s important to

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1 Nov 2007 // 6:11 AM

New DVD follows Bob Dylan during key years 1963-65

“Dylan’s electric set at the 1965 Newport (Folk) Festival may well be the most written-about performance in the history of rock & roll,” writes Bob

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31 Aug 2004 // 1:00 AM

Folk the System Social and political movements rarely develop over night—rather, they sprout from the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The majority

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Supernatural: Season 11, Episode 19 - "The Chitters"

// Channel Surfing

"Another stand-alone episode, but there's still plenty to discuss in the Supernatural world.

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