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Thursday, October 30 2008

Zombie as Change

Night of the Living Dead is the first representation of an exciting and gruesome “hate generation” substituting – and burying – the ‘60s love generation.

Tender Is the Night of the Living Dead

Another slice of social commentary disguised as zombie flash fiction inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald and George Romero.

The Kind of Murder-happy Characters We Have Here

Zombies have nothing to fear from us aside from our absence, which is perhaps how they know us best: as ‘those things that are always running away’.

Night of Night of the Living Dead

On a cool October night in 1970, I was witness to something so shocking, so outside my sphere of fear influence that it ended up being a never-ending journey into total terror.

Reanimating the Dead at the Fringe of Hollywood

Amidst the deluge of shrieks, gasps, laughter and vomit, a certified independent horror movement was born. The rulebooks were burned and the inmates were running the show, opening the doors to a legion of filmmakers with a camera, some friends and zero budget.

Life Amongst the Undead

Just as Johnny utters,“They’re coming to get you, Barbra” someone lurched through the door with a zombie shamble and a flashlight held under his face for a ghastly lighting effect.

Day 5: The Undead as a Life-changing Experience

On the last day of our week long celebration of Night of the Living Dead’s 40th anniversary, PopMatters offers six essays that delve on the subjective appreciation of Romero’s landmark film. In strong contrast to the previous installments of this collection, these articles offer a more personal perspective of the everlasting influence of Night of the Living Dead.

Wednesday, October 29 2008

I See Dead People

The real legacy of Night of the Living Dead is the way it became a quintessential icon that perfectly represents the patriarchal conflict for phallic control, as well as the confrontation between the primitive and the civilized.

1968 is Undead

The radio and television broadcasts of Night of the Living Dead depict a government unable to protect, alert, and prepare its citizenry for a national crisis, which reminds us of the mass bureaucratic bungling of the September 11th tragedies and the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Decade of the Dead

After a decade in which the dissemination of powerful images of human suffering—911, Abu Ghraib, Darfur, Iraq, New Orleans—have had little impact on changing the status quo, it’s hard to grudge Romero for his pessimism.

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