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Wednesday, June 26 2002

The Who: The Ultimate Collection

The Temptations: For Lovers Only

Peter Murphy: Dust

The Pantego Mud Run: A Fourth of July Event

Many have described the Mud Run as Heaven on Earth for folks who love beer, tattoos, tube tops, and tobacco

Democratic Vistas: East and West (with apologies to Walt Whitman)

We were no longer in a country where this soldier's actions were constrained by democratic niceties. When he said get off the bus, we got off the bus.

Married in America

Documentarian Michael Apted doesn't allow any sequence to run long enough for good manners to disappear and feelings (rather than public rationalizations of feelings) to emerge.


Examines our consumer culture in a way that is less venal and less macho than the usual heist movie.

The Dead Zone

It is easy to assume that Johnny will end up using his powers to make the world a better place, a sort of psychic version of 'Touched by an Angel', minus the sermons.

Tuesday, June 25 2002

Various Artists: More Broadway’s Greatest Love Songs

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