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Wednesday, January 30 2002

The Myth of Europe

When it comes to national identities, a Frenchman stands to a Portuguese like an American to a Mexican.

Dawn Robinson: Dawn

Thursday, January 24 2002

A Walk to Remember (2002)


Metropolis (2001) - PopMatters Film Review )

It's not so often that you see an anime as deliberately unsexy as Rintaro's 'Metropolis'.

The Mothman Prophecies (2002)

As John (Richard Gere) begins to question his own journalistic rigor and even his sanity, a number of inconsistencies in the stories of the mothman crop up.

The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

It's exceedingly good to see Luis Guzmán looking so vibrantly out of place in Kevin Reynolds' 'The Count of Monte Cristo'.

Tuesday, January 22 2002

Can Chuck D Speak? Rap, Race, and Rant

. . . (W)hat happened that evening did not happen only to Chuck D or only to his audience, but what happened -- or what was mean to happen -- instead just snapped and slacked and fell in the air between us.

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