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Tuesday, June 18 2002

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

As to the rejection of my understanding of the connection between lesbianism and witchcraft on 'Buffy', I have never said that BVS's creator or writers made a conscious (and consciously homophobic) decision to directly cast lesbianism as social pathology and physical addiction.

Steve Earle: Sidetracks

Sidetracks is Earle’s collection of what he calls “stray songs”, songs that never made it to albums, or which can only be found on obscure compilations, soundtracks, or import editions of his albums.

The Commodores: Live!

Saturday, June 15 2002

Eminem: The Eminem Show

Since Eminem has worked overtime to stir up trouble, all this attention isn't surprising. But it can also be depressing: for the most part, responses to Eminem are all about containing a perceived threat, making Eminem ordinary.

Johnny Cash: Ride This Train

From the moment he took his first Benzedrine tablet in 1957 until his attempted suicide in Nickajack Cave 10 years later, Johnny Cash's musical output was more fertile and prolific than at any other period in his career.

Eminem: The Eminem Show

In a nutshell, the major problem with The Eminem Show is that its content, which relies heavily on shock value, does not shock us anymore.

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