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Wednesday, July 31 2002

Warren Zevon: My Ride’s Here

When Zevon drops the wise guy shtick, he often achieves the same enigmatic sweetness that seeped into Leonard Cohen’s music about 20 years ago.

Widespread Panic

Indigo Girls: 21 July 2002: KBCO World Class Rockfest - Winter Park, Colorado

We came for the Indigo Girls, and we were not alone. Although some decided to beat the traffic by leaving early, it was obvious that a great deal of the crowd were aware of the great shows that the Indigos put on, and planned on sticking it out until the bitter end.

The Myth of the Right to Life

Public hospitals, state pension schemes, and police forces may be needed in order to fulfill society's obligations to prolong, maintain, and improve our lives, but fulfill them they must.

Taking the Train: How Graffiti Art Became an Urban Crisis in New York City. by Joe Austin

Austin points out the two chief discourses through which residents and visitors find meaning in the city: The Naked City or the New Rome. The New Rome is the pinnacle of civilization, the city where dreams are fulfilled, fame is won, and riches earned. The Naked City, on the other hand, is the seedy metropolis of noir films, where life is cheap and virtue meaningless.

A Thing (or Two) About Curtis and Camilla by Nick Fowler

But while the conditions and circumstances that afflict the characters are strange, their agonies, of loneliness and alienation, are universal; and Fowler's story aches with a hurt many people, who've loved and lost, should recognize.

Power Plays: Win or Lose—How History’s Great Political Leaders Play the Game by Dick Morris - Pop

... if you don't have natural charm, you sure aren't going to pick it up from a pedantic, dull as dirt book like 'Power Plays'.

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