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Monday, September 30 2013

Norman Reedus and Canon City Senses Exhibit: 26 September 2013 (Photos)

The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus hosted Canon's three city gallery show, dubbed "City Senses", in New York.

Deerhunter: 18 September 2013 - New York

The band will one day pass the torch to another group of rockers with that rare balance of charisma and craft, but Deerhunter reigns in the meantime.

Justin Timberlake: The 20/20 Experience (2 of 2)

Part One and Two of Justin Timberlake's epic pop experiment The 20/20 Experience form a portrait of a man who's reached the top of the world only to find he's not sure exactly what to do with all he's gained to get there.

Do You Have What It Takes to Commit to Serials?

Once one has committed to a narrative, it can be hard to let go, even if creative teams have changed, or ideas are running out.

Friday, September 27 2013

Counterbalance No. 145: Gang of Four’s ‘Entertainment!’

Remember Lot's wife. Renounce all sin and vice. Dream of the perfect life. And listen to Gang of Four’s 1979 debut album. It’s the 145th most acclaimed album of all time. This heaven gives me migraine.

Where the Buffalo Still Roam: ‘Great Plains: America’s Lingering Wild’

Great Plains, inadvertently or not, functions as a travelogue, and I was enchanted by Kansas' Flint Hills, an Edenic, riverine ecotopia just two hours west of Kansas City.

How John Lurie Made Me Read Fewer Books

The great Elmore Leonard wrote dozens of novels. Some, like Get Shorty, were adapted for film. So why do I associate him with smooth jazz? Well, John Lurie had a hand in that.

Thursday, September 26 2013

Sandra Phillips - ‘Too Many People in One Bed’ (album stream) (PopMatters Premiere)

Sandra Phillips is now best known as a Broadway performer and film/TV actor, but once upon a time, she was a budding soul star.

Hollywood, History, and the Art of the Big Anachronism

Turkey legs may take the place of hot dogs, but even in the Middle Ages—at least the version of it in films such as A Knight’s Tale—fans still do The Wave.

Wednesday, September 25 2013

The Performance of Summertime and Regional Identity at Bumbershoot

At Bumbershoot, Seattleites pat themselves on the back with enough force to crack vertebrae, reinforcing their sense of civic and regional pride, saying to one another over and over again: this is who we are, and right now we are at our most perfect.

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