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Monday, April 6 2015

theSHIFT - ‘7th Direction’ (EP stream) (Premiere)

The trio theSHIFT prides itself on a "high octane" brand of rock 'n' roll.

Ceschi - ‘Broken Bone Ballads’ (album stream) (Premiere)

The New Haven, Connecticut musician Ceschi Ramos says his new album Broken Bone Ballads "feels like purging five years of bile from his guts."

Emil Friis - ‘Sand in Your Eyes’ (album stream) (Premiere)

Sand In Your Eyes is an evocative example of how, given a distinct mood, an album can become a film in one's mind.

Alt-J + Phantogram Played a Sold-Out Madison Square Garden (Photos)

In just three years, Alt-J went from playing in the tiny Mercury Lounge to selling out the Madison Square Garden arena in New York. Phantogram came along for the ride.

‘Frankenstein Underground’ and the Deaths That Tax Us

Frankenstein Underground is the magnificent postmodern crown jewel in the Hellboy-verse that creator Mike Mignola thinks of as a love-letter to Edgar Rice Burroughs. We think otherwise.

Jon Regen - “Home Again” (audio) (Premiere)

This piano-centric lamentation on the alienation of travel comes from singer-songwriter Jon Regen's forthcoming record Stop Time.

K-Pop Roundup - March 2015: Back to the Garden of Eden

March was dominated by great K-pop tracks from female artists, rookie groups, and veterans alike.

Time, Space and Plasticity in Long-running Comics Series

Some creators and publishers choose to make time and space infinitely malleable. Others take readers to new times and places while leaving characters in a single timeline.

Fact and Fiction: The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle on Wrestling and the Creative Process

The prolific songwriter and now acclaimed author John Darnielle tells PopMatters how he created his wrestling-themed album Beat the Champ, what he calls the Mountain Goats' "most musically interesting record by a country mile".

‘Maude’ Remains Funny and Groundbreaking 40 Years On

Maude certainly paved the way for other strong-willed, independent, feminist characters, but she more than others will be remembered for her wit and unwavering beliefs.

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