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Wednesday, July 24 2002

Butch Walker: Left of Self-Centered

Sonic Youth: Murray Street

Where the canonical Daydream Nation took aggressive trips into technical experimentation with clenched teeth and closed fists, Murray Street seems more interested in lighting up, putting the vibe in cruise control, and storytelling from the lighter fringe of the band’s sprawling creative geography


Northerns and Westerns

Both the Northerns and the Westerns tend to have an outlaw as their main protagonist . . .

Hollering Therapy

Confederate soldiers utilized the Rebel Yell to put fear into the hearts and souls of the Union Army. It also made them happy, I suspect, to holler in the woods.

Shakey: Neil Young’s Biography by Jimmy McDonough

Nearly half of Shakey's 738 pages of text are devoted to the 1970s, and while some readers may find McDonough's attention to detail frustrating, fans of Young's music will be fascinated with the account of Young's most productive decade, from Everybody Knows This is Nowhere to Rust Never Sleeps.

Staying Alive: real poems for unreal times by Neil Astley (editor)

This new anthology from Bloodaxe is a marvel of editorial skill and taste, offering 500 modern poems by diverse writers as a demonstration of the efficacy of poetry in the modern world.

The Pirate Hunter: The True Story of Captain Kidd by Richard Zacks

In today's world Kidd would have been the unwitting scapegoat for the Enron fiasco, allowing everyone else to get away Scot-free while he rotted in prison.

The Father Costume and Notable American Women by Ben Marcus

About Ben Marcus there is so much to be discussed but nothing, really, to be explained.

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