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Monday, February 4 2002

David Benoit: Fuzzy Logic

Thursday, January 31 2002

Slackers (2002)

Some movies just don't need to be made. And some movies work extra hard to educe comments just like that one, making the extra effort to gross you out, to annoy, alarm, or titillate you.

Birthday Girl (2002)

. . . a mildly enjoyable film, offering some giggles and even a few shocking revelations.

Wednesday, January 30 2002

Who Let the Dogs Out?

. . . instinctively, you know to steel yourself for what waits on the other side of this curtain.

The Myth of Europe

When it comes to national identities, a Frenchman stands to a Portuguese like an American to a Mexican.

Dawn Robinson: Dawn

Thursday, January 24 2002

A Walk to Remember (2002)


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