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Wednesday, April 24 2002

Audiotistic: Mos Def + Talib Kweli + The Roots + Outkast

Audiotistic isn't/wasn't meant to be purely hip-hop, though. Billed as the Future Sound Festival in Southern Cali, it's typically been a cutting edge sort of venue with electronica and house at the center of its agenda.

Eleni Mandell: Snakebite

Southern Yard Art

. . . the inevitable chemical breakdown of the rubber components of tractor tires . . . combined with the unfortunate fading of red plastic in both artificial begonias and roses, brought about a sense of urgency in the group's ultimate mission . . .

Aware of What They Wear?

'Do you know,' I inquired in wonder, 'what that . . .' careful how I pointed my finger, 'um . . . means?' She followed the line of query to the tip of her extremis, mouthed the words written thereon, returned her eyes to my general direction, face reddening (possibly implicating her in the act of cognizance), and replied, 'No?'

Rush: Chronicles: The DVD Collection

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