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Monday, May 22 2000

XTC: Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2)

Wasp Star is the kind of album that can reinvigorate the listener in the belief that pop music is wonderful and hasn’t degenerated into carbon copy boy bands.

Friday, May 19 2000

Small Time Crooks

Allen’s best work achieved greatness by being more than funny —by revealing or capturing something more substantive about human relationships. With Small Time Crooks, the substance comes from the unexpected satire of class differences that gets at something truer than a mere fish-out-of-water story.

Saturday, May 13 2000

Mediations of Japan: Food

ReDotPop -- Food: With the duo endlessly crooning about crustaceans over radios, on variety shows, as backing in television commercials, through speakers in elevators and restaurants, via CD rentals, and in karaoke boxes, Puffy had Japan from Hiroshima to Hakodate singing the praises of scarfing shellfish along summer shorelines.

Thursday, May 11 2000

Elliott Smith

As the show progressed, I couldn¹t help but notice that the set list consisted almost entirely of tracks from Figure 8

Road Trip (2000)

Most of the humor in Road Trip depends upon the audience identifying with the characters' sexual anxiety.

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