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16 Oct 2008 // 5:07 AM

It sounds like a sure blockbuster. Take a lush tropical setting, throw in pirates, cannibals, buried treasure, a couple dashing castaways, action, adventure, and, of

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25 Aug 2008 // 4:50 AM

Beijing Olympics end, and focus turns to London 2012

BEIJING—The most expensive and lavish Olympic Games in history came to a close Sunday as Beijing officially passed the Olympic flame to London, and

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BEIJING—The venues were great, the competition was exciting and no major international incident stained the Olympic Games that concluded here Sunday. Yet was that

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BEIJING - Seven years ago, when Beijing was awarded the 2008 Olympic Games, China set out to sow gold, following the old proverb that says, “To

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BEIJING - There’s a famous Chinese saying, first spoken by the old revolutionary Deng Xiaoping, that people here repeat all the time. It goes

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21 Aug 2008 // 10:00 PM

Beijing 2008

Gaming should have evolved a bit over the course of the last twenty four years.

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BEIJING—Television viewers around the world are tuning into the Beijing Games in record numbers, and it’s likely to fill the coffers of the

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20 Aug 2008 // 5:50 AM

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18 Aug 2008 // 4:18 AM

Time to clear the air: That’s not smog hovering over Beijing, swallowing entire office buildings like a mighty python. It’s just “a funny

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15 Aug 2008 // 7:05 AM

This country is crazy about table tennis

BEIJING—Historians have long marveled that the relationship between the United States and the People’s Republic China really began to defrost because of table

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BEIJING—A week into the Summer Games, athletes brim with praise for the Olympics venues, rain has mercifully cleared the skies of smog and China

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14 Aug 2008 // 11:50 AM

We’re talking Olympic TV today, because at the moment, what else is there? And the first point is the worn-out carping from sportscasters and

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14 Aug 2008 // 4:02 AM

BEIJING - Situated in the heart of Olympic complex, the Games can’t help but pass through the “Today Show” set. Of course, it is

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13 Aug 2008 // 6:06 AM

More reasons not to believe your own eyes

We suspected from the start that the voice of that little girl in the opening ceremony was fake. And now that the rest of the

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13 Aug 2008 // 4:51 AM

BEIJING - Police in Beijing dragged away and roughed up a British television journalist Wednesday as he observed a group of foreigners holding a demonstration

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BEIJING - China late last month announced that individuals or groups wanting to demonstrate during the Olympics could go to “protest pens” in three public

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8 Aug 2008 // 3:41 AM

Swimmer Michael Phelps may collect more gold medals than all but a handful of countries. Host China, spurred by wildly enthusiastic crowds, may leapfrog the

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8 Aug 2008 // 3:39 AM

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With NBC’s kickoff of Olympic coverage, viewers have 17 days of sports programming threaded with thousands of commercials on which marketers

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8 Aug 2008 // 3:27 AM

NBC’s sports biggies held a satellite news conference from Beijing with TV critics last month, and Bob Costas talked about the complicated anticipation for

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7 Aug 2008 // 3:14 AM

Amelia Lam, a 36-year-old teacher’s assistant, emigrated from Hong Kong to San Jose five years ago. When she talks about how proud she is

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