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Friday, May 20 2011

Let the Golden Age Begin: Woody Allen’s Parisian Affair

Allen's Midnight in Paris redefines the traditional summer film, and redefines the auteur yet again...but don't call it a comeback!

Sunday, April 26 2009

Summer of Same: May 2009

May's titles include the fourth films in two aging franchises, more Pixar perfection, and the reboot of a TV series from 40 years ago. And they say there are no new ideas.

Monday, January 12 2009

Off the Radar - The Top 30 DVDs of 2008

Oddly enough, while the major studios continue scratching their heads over how to sell yet another new format (Blu-ray) to disinterested consumers, several outside distributors made sure that this would be a digital year to remember.

Thursday, January 8 2009

Bottle Rocket

The actual payoff in Bottle Rocket is all about the journey, and the somewhat refreshing resolution of lessons not necessarily learned.

Wednesday, December 24 2008

Marley & Me

Granting Marley & Me's source in John Grogan's columns, the dog's service as metaphor in the movie is both obvious and uninspired.

Wednesday, October 15 2008

Cinema Qua Non - Indispensable DVDs: Part 3

Day Three - The final ten, a cross-culture collection teeming with big ideas, larger than life visions, and perhaps the greatest documentary on rugby you've probably never heard of.

Thursday, September 11 2008

Talk, Talk, Talk: December 2008

Just like the end of an inspiring speech that may or may not succeed in making its point, these final four weeks before 2009 tend to define or defeat the entire awards season purpose.

Sunday, August 3 2008

Permanent Midnight

Essentially a collection of wild anecdotes from real-life television writer Jerry Stahl, this is designed to impress rather than express.

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