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Thursday, February 5 2009

World in Conflict

Despite its genre, World in Conflict feels less like StarCraft and more like Counter-Strike.

Thursday, January 29 2009

A Vampyre Story

Working as a graphic artist on a successful game does not necessarily translate into the ability to successfully write and develop one.

Sunday, January 25 2009

Crayon Physics Deluxe

What Crayon Physics Deluxe represents is a game where the author's intent is barely a whisper.

Sunday, January 11 2009

This is a Cry for Help

Edmund McMillen's collection shows the slow shift from just making games with an artistic edge, through the indie scene, and to the subsequent art games that are starting to become popular now.

Tuesday, December 30 2008

Dr. Seuss Lives on in World of Goo

Tuesday, December 16 2008

Left 4 Dead

Playing as the infected and coordinating with your team as you try and stop the survivors from reaching the safe room is just as fun and fleshed-out as playing as the survivors.

Wednesday, December 10 2008

The Campbellian Myth of Monkey Island

The Secret of Monkey Island is one of the '90s' best examples of interactive fiction, and it accomplishes this by using a variety of narrative and game design techniques to deliver a Joseph Campbell experience.

Tuesday, December 2 2008

Pipe Mania

Pipe Mania features that holy grail of replayability: emergent gameplay.

Tuesday, November 18 2008

Silent Hill: Homecoming

"Atmosphere" is the key word when talking about Silent Hill, and Homecoming is no different.

Thursday, November 6 2008

Dead Space

While Dead Space's influences are easy to spot, it is extraordinarily smart about cohesively assembling key elements from these influences into a compelling experience.

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