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Without a Net: A Conversation with Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton: "(W)hen I do finally kick the bucket it's going to read 'Frampton drops dead', it's not going to say 'Frampton Comes Alive!', anymore."

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Celebrating 70 Years of Ringo Starr (videos)

On July 7th, 1940, Richard Starkey was born in Liverpool, but from 1959 on, he would mostly be known to the world as Ringo Starr. Here's an up-to-date video flashback of his entire career.

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Fuzz: The Sound That Revolutionized the World

The uninitiated to the fuzz scene might have difficulty telling their Maestro FZ-1As from their Vox Tone Bender copies.

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Peter Frampton finally enjoys the respect he didn’t get as a pop star

The long-haired pretty boy of guitar is gone. In his place is a thoughtful rock technician. The star has given way to the artist, and

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2 Feb 2007 // 2:09 AM

Grammy nod gives Peter Frampton another day in the sun

Peter Frampton, the British guitarist-singer-songwriter who became an arena-rock idol in the mid-1970s, had no qualms about covering the Soundgarden grunge anthem “Black Hole

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30 Sep 2003 // 1:00 AM

:. e-mail this article:. print this article:. comment on this article If British journeyman guitarist/singer Peter Frampton’s commercial apex was a 1976 live album, one

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31 Dec 1994 // 11:03 PM

	Peter Frampton: Anthology - The History of Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton’s defining moment in rock history would ironically become the proverbial millstone around his neck for most of the last quarter of the

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31 Dec 1994 // 11:03 PM

	Peter Frampton: reissues

Peter Frampton turned the rock music world upside down in 1976 with the release of the massively successful Frampton Comes Alive. The record sold eight million

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//Mixed media

A-WA Throw Wild Album Release Party at Webster Hall (Photos)

// Notes from the Road

"A-WA's debut album Habib Galbi made NPR Music's '30 Favorite Albums of 2016 (So Far)' list.

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