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Placebo: Battle for the Sun

Fans can stop holding their breath now: Battle for the Sun is unmistakably a Placebo album.

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8 Nov 2007 // 9:57 PM

Placebo: Extended Play 07

The veteran UK glam-rockers commemorate their appearance on the 2007 Projekt Revolution package tour with this unsatisfying grab bag EP.

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4 Apr 2006 // 1:00 AM

Placebo: Meds

Despite forays into heavier metal-inspired sounds or electronica, a new Placebo album becomes an exercise in slight variation, little more.

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	Placebo: Once More with Feeling: The Singles 1996-2004

Placebo's music is so full of sex and drugs, it's amazing the rock & roll doesn't come across as an afterthought.

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	Placebo: Sleeping With Ghosts

A distinct and puzzling mean-spiritedness toward pan-cultural (Scottish-American, English, Swedish) poster boys Placebo has been emanating from some critical quarters lately, most of it directed

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7 May 2001 // 4:00 PM

        Placebo: Black Market Music

Placebo is wonderfully anachronistic in their outlook. They refuse to let the early ‘70s die. They fashion themselves as the heirs of the glam rock

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	Placebo, Without You I’m Nothing

I must admit I never thought much of Placebo in the past. The camp outrageousness has been done to death to far better effect by

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//Mixed media

I Just Murdered My Sister, and It Was Kind of Fun

// Moving Pixels

"The Deed makes murder a game, a pretty fun game.

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