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Moving Pixels Podcast: Haunted Islands and the End of High School Are Both the Subject of ‘Oxenfree’

From high school drama to ghostly hauntings, this week we peel back the layers of Oxenfree.

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The Moving Pixels Podcast Looks at the Scenic Vistas and Human Drama of ‘Firewatch’

This week we consider the beautiful world that Campo Santo has built for us to explore and the way that the game explores human relationships through its protagonist's own explorations within that world.

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The Moving Pixels Podcast Takes a Trip to ‘Pony Island’

Pony Island is about what lurks beneath the surface of virtual worlds.

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Country Fried Rock: Town Mountain Interview

Town Mountain rides the Southern Crescent all the way to Louisiana, making an album where award-winning bluegrass players boogie.

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The Moving Pixels Podcast Plumbs the Depths of the ‘Darkest Dungeon’

Darkest Dungeon reveals how penalties and pain can became a source of twisted pleasure in video games.

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Best of the Moving Pixels Podcast: The Often Less-than-Super-Heroic Super Heroes of Video Games

A look back at the storied history of the super hero in video games.

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Country Fried Rock: An Interview with Golden Eels

Neil Golden played for bands ranging from Elf Power and Japancakes to Shonna Tucker and Eye Candy. His debut album as Golden Eels is Periscopes in the Air.

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Moving Pixels Podcast: Hinduism and Buddhism Meet Science Fiction in ‘Cradle’

Cradle merges science and religion in a tiny yurt in Mongolia.

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Moving Pixels Podcast: Infiltrating ‘Metal Gear Solid V’

It seems important to consider Metal Gear Solid V, as it marks the conclusion of a nearly 30-year epic video game saga, at least in the hands of its creator, the mad genius, Hideo Kojima.

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Country Fried Rock: Kevin Gordon Interview

What happens when you love people whose beliefs conflict with your values? Kevin Gordon digs deep into Southern family dynamics in Long Gone Time.

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Moving Pixels Podcast: Learning about Love from ‘Cibele’

This week we take a look to see if Nina Freeman's Cibele can teach us something about romance in digital spaces.

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No Longer Hiding Behind the Booze: An Interview with Caleb Caudle

Caleb Caudle's upcoming album, Carolina Ghost, reveals his first collection of songs fully developed since getting sober.

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Moving Pixels Podcast: The Best Games of 2015

There was a whole lot to love in 2015 from both the big publishers and from the indie scene.

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14 Jan 2016 // 8:30 AM

PopTalk: The Poptimism and Rockism Debate

In 2015, the "poptimism vs. rockism" debate has inspired a rash of thinkpieces and Twitter arguments. Is this debate actually saying anything, though?

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The Moving Pixels Podcast Goes Around the World in ‘80 Days’

80 Days explores the idea of an ever changing narrative in an ever changing world.

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The Moving Pixels Podcast Concludes Our Discussion of ‘Life Is Strange’

This week we wrap up our nearly year long discussion of Dontnod's Life Is Strange

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Moving Pixels Podcast: Life Gets Stranger

This week we near the conclusion of our discussion of the episodic coming of age story, Life Is Strange.

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Country Fried Rock: Aaron Lee Tasjan Interview

Aaron Lee Tasjan tells stories that make Hayes Carll, Todd Snider, and Kevn Kinney jealous.

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Country Fried Rock: Patrick Sweany Then

Patrick Sweany used to live in an apartment so close to the bar next door that he could call over and order a drink, then open his window and lean out to pick it up.

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Moving Pixels Podcast: Sometimes It’s Hard to Avoid Discovering That ‘Life Is Strange’

This episode of Life Is Strange teaches that that some of the uglier events of adolescence just can't be revised, much as we might like them to be sometimes.

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