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Thursday, August 8 2013

The Month In Pop Entertainment: August 2013

Here are your pop culture options for end-of-summer fun.

Monday, June 10 2013

The Month In Pop Entertainment: June 2013

Highlighting the month’s top releases in movies, music, television, and video games.

Tuesday, February 7 2012

Does Silence Speak in the Loudest Voice?: Misconceptions about Silent Protagonists in Video Games

Granted, Link does “hiyah,” “eyah,” and “ahh” his way through all of his post-64-bit adventures, but no amount of elfish interjections can change his status as a silent protagonist. Is a failure to communicate much, a failure to communicate?

Thursday, October 20 2011

Kirby: Mass Attack

Kirby: Mass Attack is both a celebration of nearly 20 years of great games and a fresh take on Nintendo's platforming history.

Tuesday, September 13 2011

The Undiluted Promise of Comics as Vanguard for 21st Century Media

Sometimes, rarely, a work is so good (so well-conceived, so well-executed) that it simply breaks our traditional expectations of comics literature. And this breaking allows us to glimpse the true, rare promise of what the industry can achieve. Davids Lapham and Aja's Wolverine: Debt of Death is this work.

Tuesday, July 12 2011

Nintendogs + Cats

Anyone with an affection for cute pets will find something to like about Nintendogs + Cats, but its longevity as a title is questionable.

Tuesday, June 14 2011

Dead or Alive: Dimensions

Fighting games seem to be making the most noise in the 3DS's rather lackluster launch line-up and it stems from the perfect marriage between fighter and level as a definition of depth.

Wednesday, March 30 2011

The pros and cons of early 3DS ownership

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