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In 2008, we all lived through a spellbinding presidential election. And now we can spend the rest of our lives reading about it. Barack Obama isn’

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19 Nov 2008 // 4:29 AM

It struck me as I sat at the computer in the kitchen the night of Nov. 4, with the TV blaring election results in the background.

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2 Nov 2008 // 10:00 PM

Are We the Rockstars We’ve Been Waiting For?

Barack Obama may be Radiohead and Sarah Palin a riot grrl punk, but they aren't rockstars. The reason why is that the rockstar is dead.

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MIAMI - Survey says: The 2008 presidential race will go down as the most polled and attitude-checked presidential election ever, further evidence that the White House

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Fall TV season has already begun, but the one entertainment program many Americans have been filling their TV time with, the presidential campaign, has slipped

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4 Sep 2008 // 7:04 AM

Oh, those darn media! Who do they think they are? CNN’s Campbell Brown questioning Sarah Palin’s motherly concern in running for vice president,

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Democrats get lift from convention; now it’s Republicans’ turn

DENVER - Barack Obama and the Democrats had their moment, and it was a quite a moment. Now America pivots to John McCain and the

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29 Aug 2008 // 2:59 AM

(Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/MCT) DENVER - On a historic day echoing the dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy, Democrat

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24 Aug 2008 // 7:26 AM

Obama haunted by ‘elitist’ image

Something about Barack Obama’s manner bothers Margaret Cowan. “There’s something egotistical about him,” the Sheridan, Colo., retiree said. “It’s the way he

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AUSTIN, Texas - It would seem a natural fit: politicians, people and a world removed from reality. And true, the whimsical universe in the online

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15 Aug 2008 // 5:47 AM

WASHINGTON - Nation, many of you have heard about the satirically pompous late night TV comedian who claims that politicians who brave an appearance on

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5 Aug 2008 // 4:37 AM

Breaking down the veepstakes in race to pick one who is a heartbeat away

Second spot. Second fiddle. Second banana. It isn’t easy being the vice presidential candidate. You get to campaign in the smaller towns in the

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16 Jul 2008 // 11:00 PM

International Lampoon: (Don’t Be) Mad (At The) Magazine

The New Yorker may have outsmarted itself. Its core readership is left of center and they care about the things that Obama cares about. But the cartoon may have the effect of encouraging Obama's opponents to step up their mythmaking because they've been provided with "cover" by a respected liberal magazine.

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7 Jul 2008 // 1:33 PM

Obama and McCain get their MTV! Since it’s conception in 1981, the network has refused political advertising, even turning away Obama’s offer for an

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Coverage of Michelle Obama draws scrutiny of black, white feminists

WASHINGTON - Gina McCauley’s blog on African-American women in pop culture has never attracted this kind of attention. The 3-year-old site has a mostly

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7 Jul 2008 // 4:04 AM

AUSTIN, Texas - John McCain is looking a little wired these days. The Arizona Republican is beefing up his online campaign to try to compete

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We want you: Presidential election rocks to a new Latin beat

MIAMI - They’re not just rocking the vote - they’re salseando, perreando and mariachi-ando it. Latino musicians, actors and celebrities are getting involved

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19 Jun 2008 // 3:45 PM

By opting out of the public financing system as he did Thursday, Democrat Barack Obama is hoping to guarantee himself a huge financial advantage over

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19 Jun 2008 // 3:04 AM

WASHINGTON—Barack Obama is the darling of the ever-expanding Internet community—but that doesn’t mean he’s automatically got a huge advantage over Republican

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16 Jun 2008 // 3:33 AM

These days, politics requires comedic timing

Cue the fist bump. Prepare the post-Camelot pearls and sleeveless dress. Michelle Obama is ready for her close-up. The wife of the Democratic presidential candidate

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