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18 Jul 2007 // 3:31 AM

Edwards drawing comparisons to Robert F. Kennedy

MARKS, Miss. - As former Sen. John Edwards was touring this Mississippi Delta town the other day, a woman mistook him for a member of

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17 Jul 2007 // 3:37 AM

WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama edged his way to a financial advantage over front-runner Hillary Clinton as both Democrats on Sunday reported amassing

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17 Jul 2007 // 3:32 AM

CANTON, Miss. - Not many presidential candidates make it to Mount Levi Full Gospel Baptist Church, located across the street from a battered trailer park

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16 Jul 2007 // 2:53 AM

WASHINGTON - When former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina speaks at a presidential campaign event, he often pulls out his cell phone and asks

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9 Jul 2007 // 1:10 AM

Obama asks voters to seize ‘narrow window’ of opportunity

DES MOINES, Iowa—Running first in fundraising and second nationally among Democratic presidential contenders, Barack Obama is asking voters to take a leap of faith

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6 Jul 2007 // 4:01 AM

DES MOINES, Iowa - The clock was creeping toward midnight Monday, but Bill Clinton was still in full grip-and-grin form as he made his way

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2 Jul 2007 // 12:26 AM

WASHINGTON - Barack Obama has raised more in a three-month period than any Democratic presidential contender in history, his campaign said Sunday, giving the freshman

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30 Jun 2007 // 10:00 PM

Claws were bared and tongues were wagging last week as a “catfight” took center stage in the presidential race. The confrontation began Tuesday when Elizabeth

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15 Jun 2007 // 3:12 AM

WASHINGTON - User-generated video invades a presidential debate for the first time next month in an experiment in streaming democracy that its sponsors, CNN and

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14 Jun 2007 // 3:15 AM

Chicago is heart, brain center of Obama campaign

CHICAGO—The prime real estate in most Chicago high-rises sits on the side with a view of Lake Michigan’s blue waters. So it’s

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13 Jun 2007 // 4:10 AM

Carefully crafting the Obama ‘brand’

WASHINGTON—One evening in February 2005, in a four-hour meeting stoked by pepperoni pizza and grand ambition, Sen. Barack Obama and his senior advisers crafted a

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12 Jun 2007 // 3:39 AM

Bob Shrum WASHINGTON—For 35 years, ambitious Democrats hired Bob Shrum to help them win the presidency. And for 35 years, they lost. There were Ed Muskie

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11 Jun 2007 // 3:10 AM

MIAMI - Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Rudy Giuliani are lapping their rivals by roughly 20 points in Florida, though many voters haven’t picked a

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10 Jun 2007 // 3:29 AM

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards arrived at the Google company auditorium determined to speak the language of high tech. He

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5 Jun 2007 // 11:55 PM

WASHINGTON—At a few million dollars and climbing, Republican Mitt Romney has embarked on the earliest major ad campaign in presidential history. “I can’t

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4 Jun 2007 // 4:04 AM

Democrats work aggressively to distinguish themselves from one another

MANCHESTER, N.H. - After months of laying equal claim as the leading voice against the war in Iraq, the eight Democratic presidential candidates fought

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3 Jun 2007 // 3:47 AM

WASHINGTON—This presidential campaign may offer a test of whether poverty can make a comeback as a political issue. For more than two years, former

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1 Jun 2007 // 2:39 AM

WASHINGTON - Rudolph Giuliani went to Florida for spring training. Fred Thompson found time to dine there with some local lawyers. Hillary Rodham Clinton visited

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1 Jun 2007 // 2:37 AM

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton spoke the language of Silicon Valley on Thursday when she laid out an “innovation” plan to

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31 May 2007 // 2:56 AM

BURLINGAME, Calif. - The presidential candidates came staking claims to the political riches and entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani

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